Monday, September 27, 2010


I had planned to keep this week festive and only talk about banned books and other library-related topics, however, you know what they say: the best laid plans of mice and men… Besides, a coworker offered me such a thought today, I had to share.

Peanut butter and ketchup.

They should never go together, but any food can be enhanced with one or the other, though never both (it's an odd paradox).

Stay with me on this, it will change your worldview.

Eggs: peanut butter on eggs is a horrible idea but add some ketchup and you have a delicious breakfast
Pancakes/Waffles: never ever add ketchup unless you're pregnant, but add peanut butter and not only do you have a sugary treat, but a sugary treat that might actually not give you the shakes in a few hours
Chicken nuggets: you would never think of adding peanut butter but ketchup is the best condiment ever
Cookies: peanut butter cookies = awesome; ketchup cookies = a failed Iron Chef recipe
Bread: add peanut butter, excellent sandwich; add ketchup without supporting layers, disaster
Meatloaf: ketchup is pretty much a given; peanut butter, are you out of your mind?

The list could go on forever. This could be a thesis paper for someone (a thesis paper I would actually read). Not for someone doing something important like medicine or social work, but a philosophy major could really get into this. I mean really, this would not be the craziest philosophy paper a professor has seen. Have you ever met a philosophy major? If you have listened to any of them talk for longer than five minutes, you can already see the potential.

All you philosophy majors reading this, you should be paying me.


  1. This made me laugh out loud!

    And of course, poke holes in your could believe that some asian noodle dishes use ketchup and peanut butter in the sauce. Speaking of noodles, whole wheat rotini can be combined with peanut sauce and broccoli or ketchup thickened tomato sauce. Not at the same time, but...

  2. Okay Abigail, because I love you I just had to find the weirdest recipe with both of the ingredients you said could never be mixed, and yes, they are cookies! I love peanut butter but will forever and always think ketchup is disgusting and therefore would be hesitant to try these cookies. But for our brave and curious friends and family(will probably more apply to our family) here they are! Peanut butter ketchup cookies!