Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gleeking Out

Season 2 begins on Tuesday and despite the fact that I will be in rehearsal (community theatre show I am sure I will mention in future posts) and will have to watch it on Hulu...Score! I am ready for more Sue Sylvester (You think this is hard? Try paying off your student loans, that's hard!) and some happy show tunes!

However, this post is not to wax eloquent about the many fantastic reasons I love this show. If you would like to read about those things, there are countless other sites on the web you can visit.

No, no, this post is about my deep regret for buying the complete first season. You see, I had already purchased the first half of the season when they released it last December but I was convinced via many blogs and announcements that I needed to buy the complete season when it came out instead of just supplementing with the back 9. I was told that the back 9 DVD set would not have the epic bonus features included with the complete season. 

I am a sucker for bonus features. I own all three of the 4-disc extended editions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Obviously, it was not hard to convince me that I needed the complete season.

I finished watching the bonus features today...and I was horribly disappointed. There are not that many new special features; most are repeats from when they released the first 13 episodes. The new features consists of the 'Jukebox' feature allowing you to watch just the musical numbers of the episodes, a karaoke feature which is only available for 4 songs, the choreographer teaching the dance for one song (Vocal Adrenaline's Rehab dance from the pilot) and "How to Dress Like Your Favorite Character." There are also two featurettes about the Power of Madonna episode and the making of the Bohemian Rhapsody sequence in the season finale. 

The two featurettes were really the only worthwhile additions and even they did not countermand my buyer's remorse.

Moral of the story: if you already have the first half of season 1, just buy the back 9 set. I will lend you the bonus disk of the complete season if you really must see it. Please friends, save yourselves from my mistakes.

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